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Vaguely Ethnic

July 27, 2011 by annie

What are you? I dunno, a human. No, no, I mean where are you from? Um, New York. No, like where are you from?

For some reason, I get this a lot. The answer is not very interesting (half Jewish half WASP), so I try and mix it up. I throw a little latino in the mix, sometimes I’m a quarter African, one time I was 1/16 Chinese. But in all honesty, I am vaguely ethnic. I don’t like to commit to a single geographic area.

These photos were shot in Rumi Tsuda’s studio (she just happens to be my aunt). It is a place that aestheticizes the mixture of peoples and cultures. Her work deserves a post in itself, but check out her website for a sneak peak.

  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography15
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography06
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography05
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography14
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography01
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography12
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography02
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography03
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography08
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography13
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography11
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography09
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography07
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography10
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography04
  • Vaguely-ethnic-neon-mamacita-fashion-photography16

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