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April Flowers: Etsy Picks of the Week

April 13, 2012 by annie
They say that April showers bring May flowers, but this April has seen its own explosion of blossoms. These springtime buds inspire so much ornament and design that I’ve decided to pay homage by selection the best floral pieces on Etsy and bring them to you.
This is the start of a new weekly feature, in which I will curate a collection around a chosen theme. I’ve chosen Etsy because of its vast offerings of handmade and vintage pieces (the fact that I sell on there doesn’t hurt either). 
So be sure to check back each week and let me know what you think. Enjoy the springtime!

 Pink Cherry Blossoms Photograph $30:  Full of vivid colors and textures, this picture captures the fleeting beauty of spring cherry blossoms, and delivers it in an 8×8 photograph. Perfect for adding a splash of color to any room.

 Hand painted Watercolor Tulip Scarf $25: The artist who painted this scarf allowed their artistic expression to come through, giving it a nice, slightly abstracted air. The swirl of colors read great on the neck as well as off.

Sheer Floral Dress $58: I love how the floral pattern on this dress is denser at the hem, as if gravity simply pulled down the flowers. Plus, this type of relaxed style is very wearable, perfect paired with a pair of sandals and a fitted leather jacket.

Golden flower headpiece $245: This might have been designed with a wedding in mind, but it would look beautiful on any woman, blushing bride or not.

Burnout Floral Kimono $239: This piece nails that sought after combination of pretty/ cool. Inspired by the piano shawls of the 1920’s, the modern silhouette brings the velvet burnout look up to date.

1950s Blue cotton dress $208: The 1950s silhouette with a narrow waist, stacked bodice, and full skirt is incredibly flattering to women’s figures. To top it off, it’s covered in a lovely blue floral print. Ideal for a spring or summer wedding.

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