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Another Lover

June 19, 2012 by annie

This music video was shot in the basement where Lady Gaga first took acid. As soon as the drug hit, she stripped down and straddled her boyfriend on the drum set. Well, that’s according to my friend Jake, whose basement it happens to be. Who knew that this subterranean suburban lair could be home to two rock legends, Gaga & her trip, and Craig Mitchell & Motor City.

I am blessed with very creative friends. Even better than that, I am blessed with creative friends with talent AND a good work ethic. I am constantly blown away by their work, so when I had the opportunity to work as a costume designer for the music video of Another Lover I couldn’t say no. I had an awesome day, living out the Long Island adolescence that I never had, and working with a leading man that made my job look like a piece of cake.

Craig Mitchell & Motor City live at The Living Room this Friday 6/22 at 12:00am

Thanks to everyone who put this video together!

Another Lover

Song by Craig Mitchell & Motor City

Directed by Benjamin C. Bernstein
Produced by Glass Embassy and Brian Papish

Directory of Photography: Brian Papish
Costume Designer: Annie Shepard, Assisted by: Steph Freitag
Gaffer: John Preston Gomez
Key Grip: Josh Koenig
Best Boy: Julian Wellisz
Assistant Technical Producer: Ben Weisgall
Titles: Emily Fuhrman
Colorist: Alan Gordon

Composite image by Benjamin C. Bernstein, all other photographs by Annie Shepard

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  • Another Lover-3
  • Another Lover-1

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