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June 25, 2012 by annie

What I appreciate most about DSquared is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their inspiration is not some nebulous idea about an idea, they imagine a girl, a place, an era and create a collection of clothes for her. For Spring 2012 RTW, the designers Dan and Dean (I guess that’s where the double D’s come from?), set their runway at Glatsonbury. Literally. They imagined what the hippest Brit would wear to the hippest festival- tiny American flag bikini, turquoise motorcycle jacket, patchwork quilted vest- and paired them all with a pair of platform wellies. They even covered the runway with mud, to conjour up the festival experience (Although Anna Wintour seems a bit out of place at hippie fest, albeit a fake one).

So I’m just as pleased to see their resort collection presented with a touch of Carly Rae Jepsen and 90s biker chic. Who knew that phones were so in right now?

  • DsquaredResort14
  • DsquaredResort13
  • DsquaredResort11
  • DsquaredResort10
  • DsquaredResort09
  • DsquaredResort07
  • DsquaredResort06
  • DsquaredResort05
  • DsquaredResort04
  • DsquaredResort03
  • DsquaredResort02
  • DsquaredResort01

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