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Duck Diving

June 21, 2012 by annie

There’s something about surf photos that I just can’t get enough of. Part of it is jealousy, it just looks so cool. But part of it is fear, don’t the people in the pictures realize that there is a mountain of water coming at them? After spending a good hour procrastinating job applications by surfing the web (pun intended), I’ve compiled some of my favorites for you.

But the best photographer among them was definitely LeRoy Grannis, the man who pretty much invented surf photographry. A lifelong surfer and Californian dreamer, Grannis captured the endless summers of the 1960s and 1970s. Surfing might be hard but Grannis made life look easy.

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  • rabbitt-pipe-75-divine-1
  • Midget Farrelly Surfing Shore Break, Makaha, 1968 by LeRoy Grannis
  • leroy-grannis-surf-photography-of-the-1960s-and-1970s-13
  • LeRoy-Grannis-Surf-Photography-of-the-1960s-and-1970s-1
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  • lavaduck
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