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Let the Right One In

June 7, 2012 by annie

I’ve never been much concerned about death. Sure, I realize it’s the inevitable conclusion, but it seems so far away that I just can’t get too worked up about it. But the fact is that humans are more insulated from death now than ever before. Nowadays, people generally die old and in hospitals, separated from the healthy and living.

Fortunately, in our modern world, a death of a child is a tragic but rare occurance. But less than a hundred years ago, many children did not make it into adulthood. In Victorian times, this period of grief and remembrance was expressed with post-mortem photography. Deceased children were photographed with their toys or siblings and with their eyes propped open to appear more alive. In a way, they became part of the undead, experiencing life with a glazed silent look.

Modern interpretations of the undead, have become well, sexy. Zombies and Vampires are filling primetime slots with unrestrained sin. Kirsten Stewart and her vampire boyfriend did IT.

I find Oleg Dou’s collection of Nun Vampires and Cubs nice counterpoints to these two different views on how to represent the death. The nuns on the one hand, are demonic but alluringly so. The cubs are eery and a little sad. While the modern vampire might make death look better, sometimes it’s good to have a reminder of where we’re all heading.

All photos by Oleg Dou

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