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Put Your Best Face Forward

June 28, 2012 by annie

Why is a face so much more expressive, then let’s say, a kneecap? It is the greatest concentration of senses anywhere on the human body- sight, sound, smell taste, touch- it’s got it all. But faces are not only where we receive data, they are also our interface, the desktop of our bodies, our means of expression. Yet in an era that seems obsessed with bodies, one can easily forget how the tiniest eye movement can allure or offend. So in this post, I want to put the attention back onto the face, that funny collection of concaves and convexes that say so much about us.

Photos in the order they appear: Self Service25 MagazineW MagazineElle DenmarkV MagazineVogue China10 MagazinePulp MagazineW MagazineVogue JapanNumero

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