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July 13, 2012 by annie

I signed up this summer for a product development course, then I immediately tried to get out of it. I was sick of taking classes, after a semester carrying a full load of courses, most of which were a waste of my time, I just wanted my summer off. But I didn’t meet deadline for withdrawl and at the risk of losing my tuition, I decided to stick with. To my surprise, this course has turned out to be really interesting.

It is taught by a professor in her late 70s with firetruck-red dyed hair and a penchant for tribal jewelry. For this assignment, we were asked to go to ABC Home and get inspired! More specifically, we were asked to develop three ready to wear looks derived from ABC products. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ABC Home, it is housewares mecca- five floors of impeccable design that is of course, also very expensive. I generally stick with the first floor, which is home to smaller items and jewelry. These lend themselves to display and make you feel like you’re in a very expensive candy shop.

My first look was inspired by indian bangles stacked on a column, I imagined those bangles wrapped around a body, mimicking its form. A set of stacked red chairs inspired the second outfit, a structured dress. When abstracted the openings and closings of chairs took on a reptilian look, mimicking a set of scales. Finally the third set of products came from a bright red lamp, whose glowing red orb I couldn’t get out of mind.

Enjoy the sketches and when I become a famous fashion designer, you can say you saw them here first.

  • fashion_sketches-7
  • fashion_sketches-6
  • fashion_sketches-5
  • fashion_sketches-4
  • fashion_sketches-3
  • fashion_sketches-2
  • fashion_sketches-1

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