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The Underwaterworld

July 11, 2012 by annie

The water lets me do things that I could never dream of doing on land. By far the most important of which is gymnastics. Backflips, handstands, forward flips are suddenly a piece of cake. Mary Lou Retton I might not be, but in that miraculous stew of hydrogen and oxygen, ¬†gravity has no chance. Somehow, this weightlessness has never lost its novelty. I love inhabiting a space where up and down don’t really matter, so for this shoot I went where no Neon Mamacita has ever gone before- into the Underwaterworld.

Photos by Nick Shepard
And shout out to Benna Gottfried

  • The Underworld-2
  • The Underworld-3
  • The Underworld-4
  • The Underworld-5
  • The Underworld-6
  • The Underworld-7
  • The Underworld-8
  • The Underworld-9
  • The Underworld-10
  • The Underworld-11
  • The Underworld-12

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