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Frida at NYBG

June 26, 2015 by annie


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Frida Kahlo is Mexico’s most valuable export.¬†She represents Mexico’s brand attributes- colorful, political, fiercely independent, and creative. While endemic corruption has weakened Mexico’s global image, it hasn’t tarnished the world’s reverence for their patron saint. The Frida Kahlo Corporation now lisences her image and art, selling it on everything from Zara T-shirts to beer bottles. While this influx of crap threatens to erode the myth of the artist, shows like the New York Botanical Garden’s Frida Kahlo Art, Garden, Life bring a bit of her magic world to you.

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The goal of the NYBG show is to highlight Frida’s relationship to the natural world, but the real success is its ability break down the fourth wall between her and her audience. Our eyes suddenly see the same blue, touch the same cactus spikes, and smell the same flowers that she did.

We are no longer looking at her paintings, we are in them.

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This past spring I visited Frida’s Casa Azul and Studio, and must say that I could picture myself living her life. I have always been drawn to her artwork and her stories for both their introspection and well, their fashion.

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Frida has always been a fashion icon, making a unibrow and mustache somehow look incredibly sexy. She used clothes as a way to convey her pride in Mexico’s traditions and to hide her physical imperfections brought on by polio and a bus accident. The more her health failed, the brighter and more attention seeking her garments become. They were truly a form of her self expression.

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I, like many others- have tried to steal a bit of her magic. Even if it was just smoke and mirrors, wearing those flowers and dresses, took me out of the Bronx in 2015 and into the world of Coyoacan in the 1930s.

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