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La Dolce Vita

August 26, 2014 by annie


In Italian, it doesn’t matter what vile subject rolls off your tongue, everything sounds alluring, especially when it’s delivered with  an emphatic hint of enthusiasm- Fagioli! Giovedi! Figlio di puttana! Of course, nothing sounds as charming as La Dolce Vita, which literally translates to the Sweet Life. In the famous scene from Fellini’s masterpiece, Sylvia, the blonde hollywood bombshell wades through the Trevi fountain enticing Marcello, the constant bachelor, with her sensual aloofness. What can be more sweet than that?

Well in New York we have our fountains and our Dolce Vitas too, this one just happens to be in Stuyvesant town.  So here’s to  our little Italy’s and our lives of sweetness.


 Photography by William Matalene
Styled and assisted by Annie Shepard
Modeled by Sophie Stiles

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