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The Sirens are Screaming

October 9, 2014 by annie


Last week, 35,000 walruses  crowded together on a small beach in Alaska. I like to imagine that the walruses are calling a meeting of the Worldwide Walrus Organization (the WWO) , calling on their leaders to reduce greenhouses gases and other pollutants, holding them accountable for inaction on the environment, and demanding a plan to address this injustice. But no, the walruses just have no where else to go, the ice is all gone. So they crowd together, sending a message to us humans, that their time is up.

Mermaids serve as a similar reminder of the inextricable relationship between man and sea. They are a personification of the ocean- beautiful and wise full of mystery and sensuality. Our representation of Mermaids hasn’t changed since the Siren, but the sea has changed and so have the men.

Do we now need to revisit the Mermaid? Should we show her adorned with plastic bags, oil slicked hair, a faint Fukishimi glow, and a crown of discarded knick knacks. Once the fairy tale of the mermaid catches up to reality, maybe then our abuse of  our planet will resonate. But I suppose I’m not ready yet to destroy the myth. But keep an ear out for siren’s song, because she is screaming.

Photography by Annie Shepard
Modeled by Sophie Stiles
With creative assistance by Nick Shepard







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