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Wedding Crashers

September 15, 2014 by annie


neon mamacita floral photoshoot-4

When God gives me flowers I make photos. What can I say, florals are becoming an obvious theme of my work. This weekend, my cousin was invited to a wedding in Montauk and invited me to tag along. I needed no convincing. While I wasn’t exactly invited, that didn’t keep me from showing up at the after party which was held in the fairy-like backyard of SolĂ© East. The centerpieces quickly became the perfect prop for our impromptu (and slightly tipsy) romp through garden.

Thanks to Joey and Rosie for allow me to crash:)


neon mamacita floral photoshoot-1


neon mamacita floral photoshoot-2

neon mamacita floral photoshoot-3

neon mamacita floral photoshoot-10

neon mamacita floral photoshoot-11

neon mamacita floral photoshoot-12




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